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Grain growers call for a €200/t malting barley price

The Irish Grain Growers Association (IGGA) is calling for a price of €200/t to be paid for malting barley this year.

“The Matif formula is not working,” a spokesperson for the organisation said.

“This year, it has thrown up a contract price of €154.75/t with surplus barley now being purchased at €155/t.

“But the reality is that these prices are well below where they should be in terms of delivering a genuine return to growers.

“The craft beer sector is booming in Ireland at the present time. So there is no reason why Boortmalt and the Malting Company of Ireland cannot pay better prices to farmers,” the spokesperson said.

Members of the Grain Growers’ Group want the malting companies to pay a minimum price each year, which will allow growers meet their costs and invest in the future of their businesses.

“This should be a relatively straightforward process,” the spokesperson continued.

The Grain Growers’ Group claims a membership of 200, many of whom grow malting barley. However, they are not officially recognised by the malting companies when it comes to setting annual barley prices.

“But this has to change,” the spokesperson continued.

The IFA does not have a monopoly when it comes to reflecting the interests of malting barley growers. And the malting companies must recognise this reality.

“The current negotiating processes are not working. Growers are not receiving sustainable prices. One of our core aims is to ensure this matter is rectified.”

The spokesperson also confirmed that the group has asked the Department of Agriculture for permission to attend the October 6 meeting of the tillage round table.

“Our members feel that we can make a genuine contribution to the discussions that will take place next week.

“But, as yet, we have had no response back from the Department regarding our request to be active participants in the round table initiative,” the spokesperson said.


Source: Agriland